Appointment with Myself


I would never have figured the hardest thing to do would be to make an appointment with myself.  In an effort to finally make space for my writing, I thought perhaps if I got out of the house I could actually concentrate.  Well.

I planned to go to the library at 10AM.  An hour and a half later, after multiple distractions, I am here.  Of course one of the distractions was that I could not find the notebook I planned to use.  I’d read somewhere that using a 3 ring notebook and loose leaf paper is helpful because then you can write pieces of a larger work in any order and rearrange them later. But even though I’d seen it recently, today it was nowhere to be (easily) found.  Oh well.  So….I am improvising.  I can’t be the only disorganized writer out there.

I need to get comfortable with giving myself permission to both exist and pursue my own passions.  Leave it to me to feel guilty about wanting a whole library table to myself.  How ridiculous is that?  I seems that my social dysfunction goes much deeper than I ever figured now that I am actually trying to move forward.

What was that thing I read that says that you know you’re going in the right direction when your resistance raises its ugly head?  It surely did!  But – since I’m here I’m going to finally write some of this stuff the heck outta my brain…..


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