Cheap therapy (a disclaimer)


So what happens when in your innermost soul you’re a writer who gets too busy to write?  What happens is the words get all jammed up in your head and drive you crazy.  Then they give insomnia.  Then you find yourself at 2 AM wishing your brain had an actual OFF switch.

And then you stupidly let your soul go wandering off on a dark-night-of-the-soul/ascension/chakra clearing/Mother Earth craving/shamanic journey Thing which involves all kinds of life upsetting topsy turvy making stuff.  Oh, things like trying to clear almost 20 years of accumulated Stuff out of both your head and your basement.  And all this while trying to raise 3 children – 2 on the autism spectrum – and keep a house live-able and some sort of schedule.  Which results in all kinds of skeletons falling out of your mental closet and a head full of thoughts that keep trying to escape.  Not to mention the niggling thought that perhaps  an actual therapist would be beneficial.

Except that for many reasons is isn’t practical right now and besides, if anyone’s getting a therapist it really should be the Aspie teen trying to navigate middle school.  Anyway….

All that to say – if you’ve joined me on this journey I have to apologize that while I usually try to share cool, pertinent spiritual things – right now I’ve got a mess in my head that needs an escape valve.  You guys get to be my “cheap therapist”.  I don’t know, maybe if anyone is going though a dark night maybe it’ll help to know that someone understands.   A close friend of mine is going through a sort of body detox a year after being clean from his addiction – the body catching up and manifesting all the delayed effects of the disease.    My journey is no where near comparable to his, but I keep finding myself thinking of this process as a “spiritual detox” or perhaps “detox from mainstream religion”.

I am learning that a dark-night-of-the-sould neither starts nor finishes on my timeline.


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