Monthly Archives: July 2010

What could it possibly mean….


that last night before I went to sleep I prayed that God would send me some insight in my dreams – and I dreamt about a job I haven’t worked in 18 years?

It was so very vivid too – I was back working in the department store, and (for some odd reason) this one customer was obsessed with obtaining a fuschia suede vest we’d evidently had.  So I was getting ready to call all our other stores about it, except that I was suddenly confused as to whether people still called other stores or simply sent an email, text, or twitter.  Very bizarre answer to a prayer, that is….


I can haz blog?


Oops!  Hate that blog silence thing.  I could share all the things that kept me away, but the 2 word answer is – life happened.

And now that it’s summer, like Encyclopedia Brown (remember him?) I’ll deal with “The Case of the Missing Blog Posts”

Stay tuned…..