A traveling dream


It’s been a while since I had what felt like a “significant” dream.  Our part of the country has been suffering a bout of extreme Weather – which has kept me duly occupied with mundane affairs and left me collapsing in bed at night, having only mundane scattered dreams.

Though the details got swept away upon waking, the bones of it remain….

I was going on a trip and in desperate need of transportation.  A friend promised the loan of his vehicle – when I got to the place where he’d parked it I saw to my horror it was the most enormous mobile home I’d ever seen.  As long as a band’s tour bus, and half again as wide, it was a desert-tan behemoth sitting nonchalantly in the parking lot.  Somewhat dubious as to my ability to manage such a thing, I climbed inside and into the driver’s seat.  Having figured out how to maneuver the thing, I inched onto the highway, only to find as I limped along the road, that I couldn’t see adequately where I was going.  After a few scary moments of driving blind, I realized that the mirrors had been adjusted for someone much taller than me.  Readjusting them, I managed to get to my location.

Once there I met up with a bunch of folks I knew – it seemed to be family and friends from across my whole lifetime.  Evidently this place that I was (it was a large school building) had been my home for a long time, and now I was in the process of moving. I’d thought I was coming home, but my brother-in-law reminded me that now I lived in an apartment across town.  I went down to the auditorium and stood there on the stage, reminiscing about good times, remembering the whole bunch of us living there – all crowded in together, with partitions marking off our little living spaces, like an enormous open-air dormitory.  Then I blinked, and the vision was gone – and I stood in the huge empty room, sound echoing off the bare gray cement block walls.

I was sad as I walked out, but I knew it was time to move on.  I had to catch a ride with a friend to get across town.  She drove me over in this enormous rescue vehicle – it was white, with blue and yellow on it, and it was like this hospital on wheels.

Only for some reason, she drove to another parking lot, and suddenly it was nighttime – a clear cold night filled with stars – and there we met up with my Dad.  We were gong on a journey together, out on the open road.  This wasn’t one of the dreams where I remembered within it that he is no longer living.  But in this one I simply got to be with him and talk like it was old times, and we walked across the parking lot to begin our journey together….


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