Why houses?


So after all the beautiful but bizarre dreams/visions I had over the summer, it seemed for a while that my dreaming had gone back to normal.  Within the past couple weeks, though, I have a new set of recurring dreams.  They all center on houses.  In one dream, I was invited to a friend’s house – it was beautifully decorated and completely automated (and huge) – as you walked in a room the lights would go on for you, turn off when you left – appliances would work at the sound of your voice  -not a spot of clutter anywhere.  Then I walked over to the neighbor’s (even larger) house – and when I got inside I saw that construction workers were constructing an enormous floor mosaic out of lovely colored granite tiles.  The room that they were placing this floor was huge and cavernous – cathedral ceilings with exposed wood beams.

Then this morning I found myself dreaming of having to walk back and forth between 2 houses to find something.  One house was completely decorated in shades of red inside.  The other was completely decorated in shades of green.  And at the last, I dreamed that my family was visiting with my folks – and though I did not see him, I knew that my dad (gone these 5 years now) was upstairs in his room.

I have no idea why I keep dreaming of being inside different houses.  What could that possible mean to my spiritual journey?

Not to mention, I’ve now had 3 or 4 dreams where I was walking through the streets of a city – and I knew that I was in France.  Why should I keep dreaming of being in France?  True I have a French sister-in-law, but I don’t get to see her that often.  I got to go to France once, for their wedding, but it’s not like I long to visit there all the time.  Peculiar….


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